Growing up in a small, conservative town, right after high school Robert enrolled in a one-year Humanities program in San Diego where a new and different world was there to be experienced and understood.

Back in the Netherlands it took him a one-year program of Economics to realize that his desire for cultural exploration should also be reflected in his studies and he switched to a bachelor program in Language and Culture Studies at the University of Utrecht. There he took on more and more film courses, stemming from a great love for story and the enormous possibilities film has to offer in that regard. 

Starting to work jobs on sets in the Dutch film and television industry made him understand how films are created and developed and the dream of turning film into a career grew. In January 2010, Robert started an intensive two-year MFA filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy.  There he has, written, directed and produced over eight short films and worked in different capacities on dozen others. 

His first-year thesis film All your faults are in me, was nominated for the LA Shorts Festival in July 2011. Robert graduated in January 2012 and is currently back in Amsterdam to pursue a career in filmmaking. He has just started to submit his second-year thesis film Cigarette to festivals and as of yet it has been selected for the Central Florida Film Festival,the Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Isle of Wight Film Festival and the Dutch Film Festival.